What is the best way to deal with suicide bombers?

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  1. What is the solution? How do you deal with the threat of suicide bombers in context of processing a war?

    What strategy makes the most sense?
  2. A "take no prisoners" and "shoot first, ask questions later" strategy. Tough on the non-combatants, and sorry to say, but it is war.
  3. i don't deal with them or even pretend to have a solution..

    i let this to the counterinsurgency experts.
  4. Pretty much impossible to prevent completely without keeping the entire populace at arm's length. How can we take surrendering prisoners into custody without knowing they're wearing a belt of explosives other than by having them all strip naked a good distance away first? That may work with surrendering uniformed soldiers, but imagine demanding it of women and children. Combine that with our intent to provide humanitarian aid and other necessary interactions with the populace, and it's an unfortunate Catch-22.

    I suggest consulting the Israelis. They have the most experience with this kind of thing and perhaps can help minimize the threat.
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    As we probably should do with virtually every aspect of this war.

    (Hopefully we are....we should have learned this lesson long ago. Like when we failed to rescue the hostages in Iran, and Israel's response was essentially "why did you not ask us how to do it?")
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    make A. Sharon the successor of R. Perle as the chairman of the Pentagon´s Defense Policy Board
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    the best way is to win the war, no other outcome will deter such acts as much as that
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    Well, we could turn the lot of them into Catholics.....
    so instead of suicide getting them a place in heaven as a Muslim....

    It would be a mortal sin and will get them a place in HELL......
    where they belong IMHO.
  9. Is anyone else detecting a subtle change in Msfe's posts ?

    He obviously is aware that he is under CIA scrutiny. :D :D

  10. Yes it is true that the Israelis are very creative (remember the unthinkable and impossible yet highly successful solution they came up with in Entebbe.

    It would make one proud to be able to say that one is an Israeli
    (no I am not, nor am I jewish).

    However they have stopped short of handling the suicide bombers effectively.

    One unfallible solution would be to make a statement (and mean it) along the following lines : 'One more such deed and we will wipe you all out and that is a promise, not a threat.'

    That would automatically make management take care of the problem themselves and produce one of two actions either one of them producing the desired result.

    We aren't dealing with reasonable and thinking people here.
    A good example is what happened a couple of years ago : one terrorist was caught and found guilty of sending his wife and child onto a plane with a suitcase full of explosives (with the aim of bringing the plane down in midflight).

    Now if we are dealing with shit like that is there any other way to negotiate with such people other than as suggested above or have we all gone soft on top ?

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