What is the best way to consume Turmeric?

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  2. why are you asking ?
    why only tumeric ? given that every other vitamin/supplement is touted as being
    a 'cure for cancer', and etc, and etc, and etc

    my experience with tumeric is cooking a 'curry', it's a staple ingredient added to
    most curries and the best way to experience it is during the cooking process

    at one stage one adds usually several spices to oil heated in a frying pan, something
    not to be missed but unfortunately missing when the curry is eaten by others, the
    aroma that is released - bursts out in a rising cloud of exotica makes all the preparation
    and cooking of a curry so worthwhile

    unfortunate the after effect is that 'curry smell' that's not so pleasant, bit like the
    after effect of cooking fish or cabbage, so one has to look to the eating of the curry
    as the payoff

    and curries freeze very well, so cook up more than the minimum and freeze the
    rest. freezing does a lot for some prepared/cooked foods since it will concentrate
    the ingredients - you'd need to research the how/why of that, but you can definitely
    taste a , , , won't call it improvement but additional enrichment
    don't know whether cooking and or freezing changes the active ingredient in tumeric

    so far as vitamins/supplements go they are unregulated and as such their ingredients
    are notoriously questionable to say the least
    while tumeric doesn't itself come into the v/s category, one Has to use due dilligence
    to determine what Exactly are the ingredients being used in the v/s and what are
    their amounts

    also does the v/s/foodstuff require a catalyst ? such a catalyst for food, certainly
    for curries even 'sweet' curries is salt, and whatever it does, without it the curry is
    'missing something' regardless of all the many ingredients that comprise the dish -
    don't have the info on hand but 'women need calcium' for instance is useless without
    knowing what type of calcium and what other chemicals and catalysts are required
    in order to process the 'calcium', for an uptake to occur

    remember 'is it live or is it Memorex ?'

    is it the v/s/foodstuff/drug or is it the placebo effect ?
  3. Speaking of placebos. I was reading some pharma literature re side effects of drugs. I wasn't aware that the control groups taking placebo's report side effects such as dizzyness, headaches, naseau. makes you wonder.
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    It says mix with honey and drink it
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  6. Put on eggs.
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    My friends from India say you have to heat it to release it's benefits, but just a little. They add it right at the end of a dish they are cooking.
    The average Indian eats over a tablespoon a day of tumeric.
    They have 1/10 the rate of some cancers as Americans.
    Might be part of the reason?
  8. The 100 yr old hindu guy who finished toronto marathon, said he attributes his condition to eating plenty of curry.

    turmeric should be mixed with black pepper to increase absorption.
    most curry spices include black pepper.

    also, many source point that its better absorped when combined with oil, the best anticancer oils are olive oil and flaxseed oil.

    Jeanne Calment , the woman who lived 122 yrs said she drank a glass of red wine and eat a kilo of chocolate a week.

    both red wine and cacao contain the highest amount of resveratrol -one of the most potent anti-oxidants
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    Snort the powder for direct work preventing lung cancer.

    Rub a slurry on your skin to prevent skin cancer, especially thick on problem areas.

    Put a pinch between tongue and cheek.

    Crossing the blood brain barrier is difficult, please study direct delivery methods on your own and report back.

    I remain 100% cancer free with the above methods. I suggest Penzey's spices.
  10. rumour: gino's east pizza gets its fine yellow color from it. A deep dish a day keeps cancer away.
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