What is the best way to become rich

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  1. Finance or Religion :D


    I give you the price in advance

    AOLA "Go OT" Package.
    (Solo 1 - OT III and 3 Intensives)
    Full Donation Rate . . . . $35,450.00
    AOLA "Go OT" Package Rate . . . . $19,500.00
    You Save $15,950.00!!

    AOLA NOTs Sliding Scale
    (4 Intensives)
    Full Donation Rate . . . . $30,400.00
    AOLA NOTs Sliding Scale Rate . . . . $19,760.00
    You Save $10,640.00

    Read also this that demonstrate how far can people go in gullibility even when it deeply cost their money
  2. Not trade... LOL
  3. One day it can be quoted on NASDAQ: retain AOLA ... Oops it's America Online :D

    You I'm sure you can explain me: NOBODY would ever buy that if they knew in advance so what conduct them to do so AFTER ... brainwashing ? Then brainwashing works :D

  4. Pimping is the safest, but not quickest way to become rich,
    if someone to desperate for becoming rich. :D
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    Quickest way to get rich?
    If I knew, I would have already done it!
  6. ig0r


    pimpin' aint easy
  7. Thailand where i live, pimping is the easiest thing to do.
    It all depands if your beliefs allow you to do it or not

    Here you have touts every 5 meters offering you sexy ladies :D
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    Visualize it :)
  9. Just marry a rich woman.
  10. Your dick won't be belong to you anymore
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