what is the best way for saving threads ?

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  1. Is there a smarter way of saving threads to your own PC than using the "copy and paste" function ?


  2. I just add them to a favorites folder in windows explorer by right clicking on the screen. That way when I review the thread it opens the current postings as well. There may be a more efficient method, but this works OK for me. Beats cut & paste...

    hope this helps, safe trading...
  3. Joe


    I use this tool all of the time. It's a pdf printer. It works exactly as a printer, except your doc's come out digitally.

    This is great for those websites that say "Print out a copy for your records". You just save it to your hard drive.

  4. While we are on the topic, any way to automatically save the linked files with the text on threads?
  5. Click the "Print Icon" above the right hand corner of the thread just below the banner, it will show all the posts, then click the "File" on the left upper corner of the browser and the "Save As".

    Hope it helps.:)
  6. zdreg


    if a thread eventually gets deleted will the information stored using the above methods be lost?
  7. Tums


    the thread is saved in your computer.

    however, this function does not save any attachments in the posts. (nor would it tell you there is an attachment in the post).
  8. Tums


    if you prefer the "Copy & Paste" method over the print function, you can change in the URL: &perpage=400, then the thread will have up to 40 posts per page.

  9. sim03


    1st method above: Yes.

    2nd and 3rd methods above: No.
  10. sim03


    Even better to make it permanent: Your Account - Edit Options - Default Posts per Thread - Show 40 posts per page

    The default is what, 5? Can't imagine why anyone would ever prefer fewer posts per page than the maximum possible. Especially when such maximum is a low number like 40.
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