What is the best value in antivirus for traders?

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  1. Low latency is a concern for traders, and those with automated strategies.

    Is anything good that's also free? What's the best value?
  2. I use and like this on all my computers. Free trial for 30 or 60 days, don't remember. Updates itself regularly. I had to renew last month and did the 2 yr. deal.


    Good Luck!

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    dslreports.com reviews and chats about all the available programs, look for the tab on their site for security
  5. real automated strategies dont run on windows. they're custom coded running on non privileged accounts on strip down linux machines.

    virus shouldn't be any trouble for windows if that box only runs the strategy & not for web surfing.

    antivirus software do not take up too much resource when its not told to scan every single file on the computer. make sure your live update features are off, you dont want unecessary internet usage spikes. but download updates manually at later time

  6. I use NOD32.

    I have also used kaspersky, which lag my system pretty bad.
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    Stay off Porn Sites :D
  8. I posted many times about Kaspersky already: by far the best.
  9. I use avast, low on resources, unlike AVG-Grisoft, it auto updates and pops trojan/virus warnings. Damn it, I shouldn't have been on that porn site, just bored with no signals!

    Do not use MacAfee or Norton ever! They embed themselves on your hard drive, a real bitch to get off.
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