What is the best Trading Software in your opinion

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    I want to ask you: What is your favorite Trading Software like Ninjatrader, Amibroker and so on. I would prefer if you can explain shortly why and give some pros and cons.
    Thank you very much and best regards from Germany.

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    Tried MultiCharts it's huge and a memory hog and wasn't great for scalping, Tried a few others errrrr nothing special, Ninja's okay nothing overly special mind but I've used it and it does the job, just trading off the charts. ( why Buy is Left side and Sell right on the charts I'll never understand, different to everyone else )

    Rob Morse or someone, he's got a brokerage I guess, his software looks like designed for traders by a trader, hopefully he posts a link.
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    amibroker or multicharts or both...
  4. traider


    HFT software is the best, they seldom have a losing day.
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  5. I tested recently motivewave, sierra chart and quantower for trading off the charts. In my opinion it´s sierra chart. SC offers so much possiblities with 300 indicators. The most i am using are EMAS, Anchored Vwap, TD Sequential (Trading the 9 in SC), pivot points. Motivewave sadly doesn´t have TD sequential but has the best looking charts (3d candles are awesome).
    The only thing i dislike about SC is that there is no way to have a layout where you can look at three charts of the same instrument (1m, 5m , daily) simultaneously. But in SC you can adjust all. I guess the most are trading futures on SC but i use it for stock trading. There seems to be not many stock traders using SC, but i don´t why. It´s really great. Best regards from germany too ;-)
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  6. There's a difference between research tools, order management, execution management, portfolio monitoring.

    What to look for:
    - Research: need data, analysis tools, and news from reputable sources. Data should include macro, fundamentals, and general market statistics.
    - Order management: need to easily select the type of order you want to use to reduce implementation shortfall.
    - Execution management: need to manage orders effectively (note: OMS and EMS is usually integrated if you are trading for yourself), update prices, etc.
    - Portfolio monitoring: need to see positions, pnl, cost basis, weight, etc. Some risk analytics would be great too (IB lets you generate reports for this via PortfolioAnalyst).

    The best of breed for each line is (IMO): Eikon (Xenith), IB TWS/ThinkorSwim, IB TWS, IB TWS/ThinkorSwim.

    I'm a professional trader that currently works at a startup hedge fund. Prior roles in trading at investment banks and investment management firms. Also trade for my own account. ;)
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    Our brain; It has the best natural intelligence.
  8. lindq


    InvestorRT. www.linnsoft.com

    Easy programming language, super support, very deep capabilities.
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    Thank you! But what is the main different? (I already know that Amibroker has a better performance)
    Specially for programming Indicators, I found that Amibroker has more opportunity. Is that correct?
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    I will give it a try. Does every program support programmable indicators.
    Schöne Grüße :)
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