What is the Best Trading Sim for Equities or Futures

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Sumation, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Sumation


    I want to show a Prop firm that I can be profitable, so they wont start asking so many technical questions!!

    So I can show then my PnL from my Trading Sim.

    Can you tell me what is the Best Simulator?
  2. punter


    cymborg and tt-sim.

    unlike others, these sims gives more realistic fills, you aren't filled instantly if you bid below the nbbo.

    tt-sim can sometimes give you what looks like an unrealistic fill on the nbbo but its actually just that the actual market traded through you but the sim doesn't show you that. also you have some random idiots putting in 9999999 contracts on some sim servers. next to a live account, you can see how this delays what the actual market is really trading.

    cymborg can be used alone, but will also link up with sterling's front end, so you can actually put in orders on the lvl2 and have them execute properly. the only issue with cymborg is that orders that traded inbetween the nbbo won't print you, the actual nbbo has to move through you to ensure that you would of been filled live.

    as with anything useful, theres usually a price. if you want something free you can call up any sub llc and ask for a demo of their front end, anvil laser sterling lightspeed ect, but you'll end up having overly unrealistic fills. also, it costs money to maintain these sim accounts, some of which are hooked up to a massively delayed feed, so if you don't say you have some experience and have the potential to deposit with them, its gonna be annoying to get one.