What is the best trading program software?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by ryancohen, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. I know E-signal is the most famous but I'm not a huge fan. Most of the stuff brokers offer are quite mediocre. Anyone use anything that they feel is worth sharing?
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    a friend of me using excel
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  4. Neoticker


    One of the best trading platforms. Supports many data sources including free data feeds from IB and MB Trading.

    Not cheap but worth the money.
  5. taowave


    Anyone using Neoticker with Quotesplus and SPP/HighgrowthStock....

    Looking to do CANSLIM type screening and technical timing
  6. Investor R/T with DTN.IQ feed has been a great transition for me away from Esignal......it was just time for a change as Esignal was not providing the volume analysis tools I wanted.
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    Thanks Tums,

    I was actually planning on using HGSI/Quotesplus to scan,rank and create an index and import them into Neo as they now support quotesplus...

    I find Neo to have a very interesting approach to technical analysis,but rely heavily on HGSI.HGSI works off QP3 data,so I was hoping for a seamless integration...

    Appreciate the help,I will check it out