What is the best thing to trade?

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  2. dear mr tickjob

    you did not update your website's charts ?

    do you hope oneday to offer a blog or comments or news to go with those USD charts ?

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    I just thought of the name of the website and registered over the weekend, the charts displayed there also did over the week end, have not made up my mind how to organise my website. But I think I should be very focus on one thing. What is the one thing I don't know now. What is the main different between blog and forum?:D
  4. Hello:

    The main difference between a blog and a proprietary forum like ET is the latitude that you have in expressing yourself.

    If you publish your blog on your own site, and you are a resident of the USA, you have near complete freedom to express "your opinon" as guaranteed by the US constitution. You may for instance, say in your blog that "in your opinion, some fictional person (lets call him "Sampson") is a con artist and a crook, and you believe him guilty of violation of both US and Canadian Copyright Law". As long as you state clearly that this is your opinion, or if the comment you make is fact (if for instance, you are aware that "Sampson" has admitted to obtaining and sending copyrighted materials to other persons using email, US or Canadian Postal Services), then you are completely without liability.

    If subsequently "Sampson" decides to threaten you saying for instance "I'll sue you you bastard, I am not kidding, I will call my trailer park lawyer and sue your ass to death", you may have to respond in court, however your right to freedom of expression is protected within certain bounds, and if you can prove that "Sampson" did indeed obtain, reproduce and/or transmit copyrighted material to another person, for any purpose, without the express written consent of the author, then "Sampson" is in deep shit, and may be on the hook for court expenses, your attorney fees, his attorney fees, and finally the author or owner of the material may at that point have sufficient grounds to sue him for additional damages. The end result would be that "Sampson" would end up out on the street with his posessions in a shopping bag, watching the local sherriff tow his double wide trailer away in the night.

    In contrast, on a proprietary site, the owner has the right to edit, to remove and to ban you from certain types of expression as he or she may see fit. You are a guest on private property so to speak and you may or may not be welcome at any point in time. You do not have access to "freedom of expression" as provided in the US constitution, nor do you have the right of redress to local, state or federal laws. You situation is similar to when you go into a restaurant, and you see a sign that says "we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone"..

    This was explained to me by several attorneys at my father's firm and it summarizes the differences between blogging on your own site, and posting on a proprietary site like ET

    I hope this helps you

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    Thanks Steve. Does the owner of forum site responsible for whatever thing members say?
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    What is the best thing to trade?
    Index futures.
    Of those I put the Dow first.
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    Here on ET, the best thing to trade is INSULTS. There are no drawdowns and you can always find plenty of liquidity.:D :D
  8. Your question depends a lot on account size, style, trading hours and several other factors. Can you be more specific?
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    what evers going up!
  10. or going down. just not sideway.
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