What is the best thing about forex in your opinion

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    In my opinion there are many reasons which makes forex best .
    1. Forex gives huge money.
    2. For forex you just need 1 pc and internet connection and of course some money.
    3. Don't have to hire workers.
    4. Don't need a professional office.
    5. Not a big physical activity.
    So what's you think.
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  3. Using your list as guidance

    Easy to spell
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    Trends tend to be slightly longer than equities.

    Fundamental edge can be gained from macroeconomic results.

    Positive interest swaps.


    All of the above can be used to your advantage if you know what you are doing. So if you know what you are doing, the leverage in forex allows you to maximize your gains. If you don't, then the opposite is true. The worst part of forex is bucketshops, it is actually the biggest risk because your funds are not insured...at least in the US.
  5. Heh. Yes to forex give huge monies. So good trade the forex.
  6. Pssh... if you're gonna be mean, emg was standing right there.

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    fx is giving me teh huge moniez every day. are you trading teh forex 2?
  8. Forex is sooo sexy I have it engraved on my foreskin
  9. Fore x
  10. forex will rip you a new one.
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