What Is The Best Stock Screener?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ByLoSellHi, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. I need something far more comprehensive than Yahoo or MSN...

    I am about to sign about with Power Investor or ValuLine.

    Which one of these two has a better screening matrix?

  2. I really liked trade-ideas .com
  3. And the free stock feature they offer is pretty cool too. I cant wait to get it.
  4. updata
  5. birdman


  6. I have to say I am now a daily user of Trade-Ideas.
  7. I checked out Trade-Ideas based on this thread and I have to say its a bit overwhelming.

    Does anyone use the web based system as Im on a Mac and the software is PC only.
  8. You must be still on a G5/g4 (ppc) mac.

    Under intel mac, Trade-Ideas runs inside Crossover. VERY well I might add. Though window linking doesnt work.


    I've been using Parallels in Coherence Mode To run my software. (Meaning I dont have to suffer looking at a windows desktop.)

    Otherwise a FAST G5 (dual 2.0 or higher) with Virtual PC 7.0 is functional enough to run this type of software (no intensive graphics, just lots of calculations)

    BTW I run a MacBook 1.83GHz/2GB Ram w/ 19" Widescreen LCD for my trading and analysis.

    I can give you tons of suggestions. I refuse to have a PC in my office. (nothing personal and no fights please.)
  9. jrock444