What is the best state of mind for trading?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by ChaosNSX, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. I wonder whats the best stat of mind for trading...

    I have been experimenting with mental states and trying to figure out what state one trades better in.

    I am trying trades in peaceful states listening to hemisync and nature sounds and I get results of being content and letting my profits run forever if i'm right, but then almost not caring about my loosers until disaster.

    I trade currently to trance and techno, and this yields a mental state of alertness and flow and I cut my losses short, but also do not always let my winners run as often as I would like to because of that aggression of not letting it turn into a loser.

    What have you all found to be your optimal states of mind?

    People talk about being 100% in the right frame of mind, the question I pose is.. whats the right state of mind for a trader?

    Trading has been described as surfing a trend and flowing, its also been described as a war to execute precise tactics against your opponents.

    How do you all look at trading?
  2. I have traded a few times after a very long night, lots of partying, and very little sleep. Each time when I got to the office and started putting on trades, they worked and I wound up having a great morning and napping by lunch time. :D

    Give it a try sometime. No hesitation, just pure gut instincs kick in and take over. Call it Zen, call it what you want. But it was a state of mind that seemed to work for me. Now I do I think it would be wise to prepare this way everyday? I think not. Maybe I should just close my eyes, stick my head in a vice and meditate my way to that state of mind.?

  3. Supreme self confidence in one's ability to sell on profit and not have that confidence become distorted into some theory that a losing trade is somehow a failure of one's self.
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    Confidence brings relaxation.
    Lack of it makes one nervous.

    Also play music at the right tempo for what you are trading.
    I play a lot of country or boomer rock.
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    Focused and confident.

  6. Really......If you do not believe me then try it. If you have that kind of control over your mind you will be great!

    Michael B.
  7. Can you turn the squawk box down I can't here my waterfall! (no not the one on the DOM)

    Michael B.
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    It's the zone (I hate saying crap like this, but it's true). It's hard to describe. It's that state of mind when the trade goes in your favor and you get the top price of the move. You saw it before anyone else did. And it turned out the way you thought it was going to turn out. Sometimes it turns out so exactly that it's scary.

    You're not ecstatic, you don't feel hurt. You don't feel anything really, but if you happened to look in the mirror, you would see a smile on your face. A simple smile. Simple contentment.

    And you look at the numbers and you can't believe that you did it. You can't believe the size that you held, you can't believe that you pyramided like that. But somehow you knew all along that this was going to turn out like this.

    It's the state of mind where all the conflicts are gone and the voices are all silent. Nothing but you and the trade. And most importantly, you feel totally free.

    In my opinion, this is the best state of mind for trading. Consistently obtaining this is the difficult thing.

  9. ...it makes no difference, hung over, dead tired, half asleep, scared shitless, mellow, wired, just partook of some hair of the dog...
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