What is the best solution to:

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  1. gg69



    I would like to know what is the best solution:

    -To scan 250 american stocks in real time, have an alert when there is a signal and send orders
    - The Time frame is 5min and 1 min
    -The trading system has to be in a server and not in my broker
    -Send orders to interactive broker
    -big community for the language of programming
    -If it is possible : the cheapest

    Thanks in advance
  2. marine


    The cheapest way is to do it yourself. Learn a programming language and implement what you want.

    Since you are using IB they usually limit the number of securities you can receive quotes for at any one time to 100 unless the commisions you pay are over a certain level. Assuming you can subscribe to 250 securities from IB then it's pretty easy to do.

    If you need to get the data-feed from somewhere else it's still easy but will take you more time.

    I thought IB let you set user notification events.
  3. gg69


    I am thinking about a program that I can download. IB feeds this program with quotes, the program scan all shares to find if there is the signal I have programmed and send orders to the market via IB.

    I have a look on metatrader, I think it would do that.

  4. rosy2


    i do this with IB

    java, ant, spring, and the esper CEP library

    i will sell it to you depending on what you think is cheap. Or if you can get people to buy it from me you can have it for free.
  5. TraderAPI


    You may also want to check these guys out: http://www.cyborgtrading.com/cyborg

    I haven't used them, but know several traders that do and their applications are pretty impressive.
  6. i think u can also do it with trade ideas and sterling software
    I saw in the nyc expo 1 company was showing off their sterling software with trade ideas all automated.
  7. gg69


    Thank you. I will have a look.
  8. Hey did you figure out how to do this? I'd like to accomplish something similar. I need to scan through a list of every stock that trades on a certain exchange every so often.

  9. Both of you try TC2000 real-time. It can do the scanning but I do not know about IB orders.
  10. gg69


    and what about ninjatrader ?
    I don't find if it is possible to scan 100 shares, but for the rest it's good
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