What is the best real-time news service?

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    This is just an open question. I am looking for a good real-time news services and I was wondering what everyone uses and likes.

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  3. Factiva, a joint venture between Dow Jones & Reuters.

    If cost is not your concern.
  4. just21


    factiva is historical not real time, I beleive
  5. Pound


    Is news really real-time? ...and does the market really move on news?

    If anyone has had success in trading the "news" I would really appreciate commments on your trading strategy.

    :confused: -Pound
  6. Can be realtime, I believe. Did I mention the key word cost?
    My Factiva experience came from a migration from RBB (Reuters Business Briefing) that was once a compulsive part of Reuters Markets 3000 service in my country. Please note that I write the above sentence in the past-taste style.

    If you are futures-oriented, OsterDowJones Commodity News http://www.osterdowjones.com/ is probably a good choice. It's a mixture of Oster FutureSource FWN, commodity part of Dow Jones Newswire, and commodity part of the bankrupted BridgeNews.

    And no I don't trade news. Oh yes I do trade news - to exit when it becomes a fact.


    Does anyone use Breifing.com? If so do you like it?
  8. Spark


    yes i use but the news story in play comes little bit late...i like dowjones newswire which gives streaming news, which is often hard to catch as it continues to scroll up