What is the best prop firm for non-U.S. citizen traders?

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  1. I've been digging through older posts and other websites in order to find what is the general consensus of the best prop shops/firms currently available for non-U.S. traders looking to trade NASDAQ and NYSE stocks. So far I've seen a few names out there such as United Traders and Shark Traders. Are there any traders here that have traded with any of these? If you know of any others can you post it here? I'm open to DM's too. Thank you.
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  2. WTS, Hold
  3. Thank you. I will do some research on those two prop firms. By the way what security deposit do those two require?
  4. Hold does not take security deposits.
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    what do they require ? if you know
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    anybody know anything about GMT? ever traded with them etc
  7. Trading track record
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    What problem do you have with american companies or is it a matter of principle? =)
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    im not from US and they most likely wont accept International
  10. The one in Quebec? They paid me ontime, but that was 5 years ago
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