What is the best professional platform

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by brockattack, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. for equities and options. Here are some I'm familiar with:

    Tradespeed Pro
    Sterling Pro
    Think or Swim's Liquid
    Risk Compass
    N Compass
  2. Sterling Pro
    Think or Swim's Liquid

    Sterling trader pro is by far my favorite that I have tried. Might have an opprotunity to trade with it very soon.

    ToS Liquid now changed to ThinkPipes.
    I loved that platform, but not good enough for scalping. Might work for you though with options and equities.

    The rest, I'm going to have to check out.
  3. yeah, don't really trust a java-based platform for scalping. I probably will stick to the set up I have now (tradespeed...which has both equities and options), but the only problem is my new firm doesn't really have a working relationship with tradespeed. I've used the demo of sterling which is by far superior than tradespeed, but I digress because I want to be able to trade options. Know of any other platforms?
  4. I think you pretty much knocked out the big ones.

    Don't know of any others.

    Laser might be adding Options in the future, but I'm just not sure, but other than that, don't have anything else.

    Seems like with the advancements in technology and competition, there would be a great number of platforms available that offer a miriad of markes.

    Guess we have to wait a little bit longer.
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  6. I looked at the liquid demo and it seems to be pretty nice. I hear on these boards that Java platform sucks.
    Can someone elaborate why? Tons of people use IB TWS for scalping/trading and it gets great reviews.

    In what way does liquid suck? I use TOS retail and other than the absence of hot keys it is pretty solid. Thanks
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    how long is the demo for? 1 week, 1 month? Thanks
  8. Well the OP, brockattack, as detailed in the other thread that he/she started seems to have it in his/her head that because the platform is Java-based, that somehow makes it less trustworthy/reliable!

    Anyone who has used the software will know otherwise.

    Liquid/thinkpipes is not good for scalping because it isn't geared up with that functionality, not because it is Java-based as the OP somehow concluded LMAO.

    Ignorance is clearly bliss :D