What is the best place i can go to learn to trade forex trading?

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    what are the some materials i can use to learn forex trading?
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    This place has a free on-line course divided into segments that walks and spoon-feeds you all the way from a beginner to advanced. Its pretty good really. https://www.babypips.com/
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    Thank you! for sharing the link!
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    The ones I used (and I started on forex, and stuck to it for my first few years) are mentioned in this post, if they help.
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  6. Forex is a extremely competitive and uncertain market area yet it is full of benefits and potentiality. So forex trading can be a great profession for anyone. But before fully engaging in this profession a trader should gain adequate knowledge and skills about forex trading. He should get the acquaintances with the forex market. And the only way that can help you to learn forex trading and get the real experience of trading without any investment is the use of demo trading accounts.
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  7. since you barely got started..

    DON'T TRY!!

    I am not kidding you

    all of us are basket cases. IF you decide to get serious, you will uncover some shit about yourself you might not like
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    okay! Thanks for your suggestion,can you please share your experience?
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    Thank you!
    what kind of steps initially i have to follow for the demo trading?
  10. I am an emotional train wreck. the sort I would not recommend get into trading. fear of missing out, fear of getting in, fear of cutting runners, fear of cutting losers, fear of trading, fear of sound, fear of sitting, fear of spiders. hell, I never knew my index finger could sweat a puddle on the mouse button, in a full blast air condition room. I am an average joe, whose haphazardly planned 20s took me down this path into trading. It took me 6,000 hours of lefts & rights to discover myself & how I should trade. If you were waist deep, I would have recommended you sources. seeing you are barely ankle deep, turn back & pursue something else. I would have told my younger 20s self this.

    trading is not what you think it is. it is not what society portrays it to be. for the average John Doe, especially without any mentors to learn from, it will take 10,000 hours to master. it takes an average of 2 years in full time prop to become profitable.

    2 years at full stretch thinking/breathing trading 365 12hr days = 8,760hrs
    if you want to clock the same, doing it part time, with an optimistic 365 3hr days after work, will take you 8 years. I am into my 6,000hr mark & I consider myself semi-successful, having become profitable, trading one specific setup. I still do this part-time, at night, on a fulltime job. I have other duties which wear me down, by the time I am infront of my screen to trade. it is a f#3king struggle. the kind that is highly likely not to return anything for your time.I stared hard in the mirror & saw how f&*ked uo I really am. self-awareness. I had to make a change. I had to fail over & over & over. I have to accept being a failure & an emotional basket case. I had to start learning classical chart patterns & clock hours to experience when patterns are likely to succeed or fail.

    John Doe does not want to trade. he just wants to make seemingly easy money. think deeper why he wants to trade. does he really want to trade? think through all his half ass daydream ideas & find a common theme? is it bcos he wants money to live a 'better' life (seeking financial security. money is merely a store of value, commonly misunderstood as valuable in itself. we use money to exchange for experiences, where true value is). is it bcos a trader sounds cool (seeking self-esteem) & his friends will approve (seeking connection. trading is the opposite. it is very lonely). is it bcos he is sick of being told what to do by people (seeking autonomy).

    John's time is limited in this life. choose his struggle wisely. there are so many better ways to achieve security-self esteem-autonomy-connection
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