What is the best option alert service?

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    I am curious to hear from option traders that use an option alert service, who they feel offers the best option alerts and what they actually like best about that company.

    I look forward to your responses and appreciate your feedback.

    I am with Option Fundamentals and we honestly listen to our members to always be improving our service. We offer all option traders a 10 day free trial to our service and welcome all feedback.

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  2. BKR88


    On your "Performance" page, it would be better if "Results" was in dollars rather than percentage. Percentage isn't very helpful when the dollar amounts are quite different for each trade.
    Some of the losses are >$10 and some wins are <$2 so even with an 83% win rate it's difficult to know the performance without going through all 283 trades for 2021 and add them up.

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    We agree 110% with you on this, starting in January there will be a very detailed chart on our homepage with breakdowns in dollars/precentages, along with running totals.
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  4. newwurldmn


    Shouldn’t you have said “we agree 110 dollars with you…”
  5. MKTrader


    That sounds better. To me, the best approach is a live account with monthly P&L, but "running total" would be similar as long as you're getting realistic fills.
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    I'm sure the new charting system will be a combination of all you both have mentioned, may I ask if either of you are presently using a service and if so, which one and what it is you like most about their service?
  7. qlai


    I would never use a service that doesn’t teach/guide you to become self sufficient. If I buy black-box system, I would like it to pay for itself pretty quickly(but understanding where the edge comes from is still a must).
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    I understand what you are saying, but you are looking more for a coach or an educator that will teach you the basics and strategies, for that you will pay a nice sum of money. Our service is catered to option traders that are already self sufficient and use our service as a tool in their everyday trading.
  9. qlai


    How so?
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    Our team spends hours of research to come up with our picks before sending out to our traders, obviously trying to maximize opportunities and minimize risk. We are doing the legwork, but it's still up to each trader to decide if they see the same opportunity we see. Sure each trader has access to different tools with their broker, but where do you start, do you have the time to really give the process to evaluate, choose, etc, etc.
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