What is the Best Offshore Jurisdiction to Trade/Run your hedge fund

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cgjung, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. cgjung


    Just wanted to get some general feedback on what your feelings where living in and operating in the Carribean or any other other favorable tax jurisdiction.

    If you run a hedge fund, was it difficult to get residency status to trade from within the country.

    I went out Barbados to head up an arcade but found the island a little boring. Not a very inclusive community. The island is beautiful no doubt, but its just doesn't have the quality food, and the diverse activities. surfing though is great.

    my company is considering looking to run a hedge fund out of Caymans, and feed back would be great...
  2. You might want to look where the big boyz are;
    Soros is in the island of Curaco. The US Virgin Islands are good too I hear from some reliable sources.
  3. Why not found your own state? It's not that hard these days. You can then decide upon your own tax rate!
    Additional benefits are that you can rule as a dictator/king/whatever, declare war on other countries and you can even issue gold backed bonds: