what is the best object to purchase and store in USA

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  1. one of my friends asked me this. he wants to hedge for inflation and doesnot trust the govt.
    hence he is saying he wants to buy stuff and store it on his farm/home

    we pondered. the usual /SILVER /GOLD coins
    etc.. guns.(they go up in value)
    Copper.?? what else.

    I wanted to know is there any food commodiity which u can store and sell later?
    I doubt.?

    What other objects. can hold their $ value and even go up

    some one told me star wars limited edition LEGOS.. :)

    guys. tell me more...
  2. Pemmican
  3. Ramen Noodles
  4. cigarette's!
  5. he wants to hedge for inflation.

    The only thing that beats inflation is income, so invest in education. Get busy, learn a trade and riiiiippppp people off. Car repair, computer repair, that sort of thing. Cash in on those people who are clueless.
  6. Actually this could be true. They are used in prisons like currency.

    Seeing as criminals will run the world soon they may be the new currency.

    Do they have a use by date?
  7. H2O (purified and stored)
  8. Beer or home brewing kits.
  9. Crispy



    Learn to store it.
  10. Classic cars.
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