What is the best market to trade at night ?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Falcone, May 14, 2019.

  1. Falcone


    If you could trade one product from let’s say 9pm to 12pm every night,in east coast USA time what would you choose?
  2. DAX?
  3. dozu888


    I think Aussie opens earlier than that but its moves are ‘orderly’; HSI maybe ok.
  4. wrbtrader


    Seriously, subscribe to a data service and backtest your trade strategy on many different markets and then simulate trade the top markets on your "best results" list.

    Here's the part you do not want to hear...what ever you decide is the best market this month via whatever variables (e.g. anonymous members recommendations, your own backtest results, your own simulator trading results, margin requirements, access to reliable data etc)...

    It will not be the best market next month and then the following month it'll be another market.

    Markets are constantly changing, what's best this year may be the worst next year.

    Just find a group of markets and then trade whatever is hot to you and then be willing to change on a fly to trade something else that's on your "best market to trade" list.

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  5. ES

    I have traded it pretty much every AH session since 2006
  6. Turveyd


    Aus200 and USDJPY or anything JPY but those markets are mixed, some nights no movement barely, others doing well.

    US30 and DAX trading strongly most of the night recently,but that's not the norm.
  7. Agree.

    The ES trades just fine overnight. Doesn't have the same profit potential as during RTH, but it's usually not as volatile and whippy either.
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  8. Handle123


    I have systems that only trade outside day sessions, trends better, stats better than whippy day sessions. Trade Bund good deal, not much Dax as less volume.
  9. comagnum


    The Nikkie225 (Yen) has great liquidity, about 4 times of the ES this time of the night, and can make far larger price moves - the Nikkei is a breakout market. TheN22M (Yen/Osaka) trades over 1M contracts per day.

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  10. Turveyd


    8pt spread currently, less while that market is open, moving great but what isnt.
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