What is the best intraday market

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Vienna, Aug 25, 2002.

  1. Vienna


    I have a nice little system that so far works nicely for intraday trading the qqq's with 5 Min charts. I have also tried the nq's and will probably gravitate towards them, however, they are a bit "spiky" for my taste.
    My system catches a trend that lasts more than 5-10 minutes beautifully, i am looking for markets (whatever they may be, futures, currencies etc.) that are highly liquid and have the potential for longer intraday trends (longer than the nq's)...

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Have you looked at ES at all? Most people seem to find them a little smoother than the NQ, and last time I checked they were more liquid.

    BTW, I was born in Vienna. Nice little town!
  3. Gooney


    the qqq's trade in an intraday range of about 1 point so if your able to trade them well and prefer to trade equities consider trading MSFT, you'll double your range and save $ on commissions since you won't need to trade as many shares.
  4. Volume and volatility are the keys here. I agree with Gooney and Lobster, especially about the Q's. Very liquid, but no range. You ahev to trade a ton of shars to make it worth while. Especially if you're looking for that nice intraay trend move, the Q's don't really go anywhere.

    The ES is very liquid and tied to the SP so very short term will be spikey. I trade equities only and a useful tool is BigEasyInvestor which lets you do a bazillion different scans and customize also. You can plug in something like, "greater than 3 MM shares daily, and average daily range greater than 2.5 for last 6 mos" as an example. You get back immediately those stox that meet those criteria.

    Of course the most important criterion is...
  5. AllenZ


    Bonds have some awesome intraday trends, are extremely liquid and have some nice setup daily. I do not currently trade them but I am slowly starting to watch them and may start to in the next few months.

    Check it out.

  6. Pabst


    Why not just backtest it against a bunch of different markets. Afterall isn't optimization what systems are all about. Maybe it's the Rupee-Yen FX cross.
  7. ojo



    I like KLAC it moves alot :>

    If I have really alot of money I would trade QQQ since I heard that there are no effect on prices by my order but I dont know about it so much.
  8. NVDA... Go Baby!!!! TradeRX would agree :)