What is the best indicator of long term economy ?

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  1. The rate of extremist right wing parties.

    It has now reached 20% in France so that it had become the 3rd party and it's a widespread phenomena in all Europe.
    As for US there is not even a distinction between right wing and extremists right wing but seeing some specimens on this board haha guess it's the same kind of phenomena also in US.

    Not every people that vote for them are extremists, they are just fed up ... and that's on them that such extremists has taken power LEGALLY in history.

    So those who pretend that economy has created progress during these last dozen years that's not really what a growing population are thinking ! I don't even discount people like me who resist to vote for these extremists because I think it's not only useless but above all dangerous to protest by voting for them !

    And don't think that it is only the poors that vote for them. I have met directors of factories because they have reached 50 years or even less for women can't find job any more...
  2. The next 100 years or so will test the ingenuity of social thought to find a way to service an exponentially increasing human population while living on a planet with finite resources.

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    Increasing or decreasing? Where I live (Japan) the worry is decline in population:

    "United Nations projections indicate that over the next 50 years, the populations of virtually all countries of Europe as well as Japan will face population decline "
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    What is the best indicator of long term economy?
    GDP growth rates .
  5. Only if it is real Growth not when it is fake GDP growth with Credit: that's how EVERY SYSTEM has collapsed. If you take this criteria you will still think that Economy is "sound" like those below :

    In the Boston Herald of October 31, 1929 the Financial McNeel's Service ("An Aristocracy of Successful Investors," 126 Newbury St., Boston) took out a full page ad asking "Who Killed Cock Robin ? Are The Prophets of Disaster Now Satisfied?" :

    What caused the panic?
    What put consternation into millions of American investors? What happened to cause investors from the Atlantic to the Pacific to throw their stocks overboard, all at once, regardless of price?

    A few weeks ago all was serene. Men were willing to buy and sell stocks at the then existing prices. Business conditions were fundamentally sound. Financial conditions were fundamentally sound. the world's gold -- a very substantial part of it -- rested in America. The Federal Reserve Banks were seldom in better condition.

    Why in the middle of a normal Stock Exchange session did stocks go tumbling down?

    Did someone yell, "Fire!"

    Although there was no fire, did men become panicky and in an effort to save themselves bring ruin to themselves and others?

    A great tribute, perhaps when the American nation reposes such great confidence in anyone, but a national disgrace when such confidence is so unintelligently betrayed.

    Men in high positions should properly recognize public responsibility.

    When they cry, "Panic!" though there is no panic, do they not themselves create it?
  6. CharlesTrader: Good observation!

    Perhaps terrorism is one of the ways humanity has found to deal and cope.

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