What is the Best FX Broker?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by catie, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. catie



    What FX broker is good and reliable with tight spreads? Profinum has zero spreads but they are offshore. Crown Forex has 1 pip spreads but they are in Switzerland and I read negative things about them. Interbankfx has 2 pip spreads but also read negative things. DBFX is a big bank but the spreads are not tight. Thanks much.

  2. RedDuke


    If you want to trade forex oanda and Intercative Brokers are the best 2 choices.

    However, do some search on forex vs curency futures trading.

    I would strongly suggest CME currency futures over forex.
  3. Colombo


    I've worked Oanda for 3 years and never had any serious issues. I have come across the same comment in other blogs regarding Spot vs. Futures. It would be interesting to hear individual experiences from those who have traded both

    Can you comment on differences, pro's/con's. Do you trade CME futures?

  4. RedDuke


    That is why I said Oanda is the premier choice if one wants to trade forex.

    If you look at some of my posts in forex area, I have described the differences in length. Just do not feel like retyping it again.

    If you want, we can always chat over skype.

    I mostly trade DAx futures, but occasionally trade euro on globex when volatility is present.
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  6. Is that true MB trading has a spread of about 1-2pips for the GBP/USD pair?
  7. This is intended for Colombo:

    What spreads are you experiencing with Oanda during the news? I'm ranging between 10-15pips on average.
  8. Colombo


    They widen out significantly. 10-15 sounds about right.
    Nevertheless, this is not a problem for me as my holds are longer than scalp time. Scalping the news IMO is not a game you and I can play and win consistently, less so through Oanda.

    I will either be in before the news or right after.
    It would be interesting to find out from those who have traded Oanda and Futures if there has been an improvement in their trading and if so, how.... .
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