What is the best free software for charting NYSE/NASDAQ/AMEX stocks?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Dan44, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. Dan44


    I already have a IB account, but am looking to get some decent free charts that can go back 10-20 years.

    Are there any decent websites that offer this service?
  2. Hi.
    I have found some good free charting.
    They are;
    1)quote tracker>free streaming quotes and news.

    2)A new site called http://www.incrediblecharts.com/. This is really good because it is browser based if you need to get a chart fast..

    3)IncredibleCharts.com A low cost that has a free demo. I have just evaluated this one and I am thinking of subscribing to the monthly service. I like this because it has Fibbonacci Indicators.


    5) And then there is the free Market Browser it is good also.

    I also use a free account at VirtualStockexchange.com to test my methods. If you wish my VS account is public. Search for the "The Wall Street Hole" TWSH and see some of my performance.
    Anyway I hope this charting info helps you.

    Good Trading or investing!
  3. I also meant to tell you that Think or Swim
    Has an awsome platform loaded to the hilt with tools. I am not for sure how far back chart history will let you search. But it offers free use with a simple registration
    you do not have to fund any account to use the PaperMoney download. Its a professional trading look and feel with streaming live quotes and cnbc
    news feed as well as options, but you get the picture so check it out if you wish.

  4. anh_ams


    Thinkorswim provides 20 minutes delayed data not live stream data.

    If you need charting software only, try Quant Station, they have released new version. It is quite easy to use and supports wide range of indicators. Currently, it is free including Dow Jones newswire as well.