What is the Best Free Alternative to IB's Charting

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by 1flyfisher, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. What works with Interactive Brokers Accounts data feeds and is free and works well?
    Quotetracker was good I used it for a long time but they went to monthly fees for IB users or free for Ameritrade accounts and I have tried to use IB's charting... it is not too good.

    What are you using?

    Maybe just open an Ameritrade Account????:D
  2. ningatrader works with ib. also tradestation is running a free software until 2010 deal.
  3. i switched to niinjatrader

    free, up and running in 20 minutes
  4. I have liked QT it is ok. I don't need much but I hate IB's charting.
    I want to try something new just for the hell of it as I have had QT for a long time.
    I'd like to try something for free. I don't want to shell out $$$ for something I don't rely on much. I liked QT's look and feel and hate IB's look. I use simple price volume and some moving averages and don't rely on or need all the bells and whistles of indicators any more. Just a good look and feel is more important to my charting than indicators.
    I'll give Ninja a whirl and if it sucks I can just send $25K to Ameritrade and go back to QT, or pay whatever it is QT wants.

    Any other Charting software that is free or free to try that anyone uses and can recommend?

    Thanks in advance.
  5. NT, while free, has some annoying glitches. For instance the trendlines you draw don't scale when you change from one timeframe to another. Moreover, the lines are pegged to each chart (particularly to the timeframe you're using at the moment) and not the the instrument you're trading. For example, suppose I have 4 charts on my monitor: 5-, 15-, 60-minute and daily. if I were to draw a trendline on the 5-minute chart, the same trendline will not show up on the other charts. I must redraw the line on the other charts. The next version of NT is said to address this problem (this feature was included only after months of wrangling and outright bitching on my part). The problem is that nobody really knows when the next version will be released. It's been delayed for ever now.

    This is not to say that NT is bad. Just like other products, it has its shortfalls, which should be considered when using it.

  6. just cough off the $14/mth for QT already.
  7. I guess you didn't catch or comprehend that I want to try something else???