What is the best exchange to trade forex options on?

Discussion in 'Options' started by none4425, Mar 15, 2019.

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    I am using IG atm but the spreads are huge
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    Can you explain how this works? does it mean i need to use a broker like IB to use it?
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    It means you need a futures broker. Up to you which one you use. We offer futures too.
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    Yes, an IB universal account is a securities account regulated by the SEC and a commodities account regulated by the CFTC that is cross margined. You can be 100% long stocks and selling currency options on futures from the CME in one account. It is also a multi currency account so you could be long UK stocks and selling options on the CME.
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    I agree except for the term "cross margined". You can't offset ETFs with Futures and reduce margin. E.G. GC future vs GLD. You need to have both margin requirements.
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    We offer Forex, and we can offer per million pricing. All is negotiable based on the volume you do.