What is the best Employee Debit Card

Discussion in 'Economics' started by jjf, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. jjf


    I want to issue key members of my staff with corporate debit cards which will be topped up on a monthly basis.

    A good month = a higher top-up rate.

    This will be much easier to manage IMO than the credit cards we have in place at the moment.

    Any thoughts and any suggestions on which card and which bank etc would be appreciated.

  2. LVMises


    What does this have to do with trading or the economics thereof?
  3. Why are you asking here? Go talk to your bank, that is what those "employees" there are sitting there for.
  4. jjf


    Good thought TZ but I know what my Bank is offering and before I commit I want to checkout any other options.
    No fees ATM etc
  5. What is the purpose of these cards - as compensation or a benefit or a bonus or just for their corporate expenses?

    Your explanation is mysterious.

    Don't know what you meant by "a good month is a higher top-up rate." When I used a corporate card, it was to reimburse for expenditures such as business travel, car rentals, etc.. There was no "higher rate."