what is the best e mini order execution front end for IB?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by zxcv1fu, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. zxcv1fu


    I will try it next week since I could not do the real trades with Bracket Trader yesterday. It was fine with simu but disappeared when I was trying to do real trades:(

    I am surprised that IB can not do a simple programing for the execution like Bracket Trader. Why we need to be bother with the additional charting & execution front en stuff. I am sure IB has capable programmers.

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  2. zxcv1fu


    Just tried ZL simu this morning:

    I like the Dom cover much range of emini pt & can be configured.

    It is very basic functionwise.

    Bracket Trader is better in my opinion since it can auto chase to enter/exit & have strategy setup.

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  3. Trent


    I have tried various front ends and have ended up using Button Trader (http://www.buttontrader.com/). Its a bit more complicated than some others but to an extent that is the price you pay for having more features. The best IMO.

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  4. Thats one area where Buttontrader can improve imo. It appears more complicated than it is because the help manual makes it seem complicated. The documentatin could be greatly simplified. They are great programmers but they need to hire a technical writer to simplify the manual. The tutorial will get you started on basic operation which is nice. It is worth the trouble to check it out though. I love it.

    p.s. zxcv It will do chases and anything else you want it to.
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  5. TGM


    Buttontrader looks cool BUT I am used to TT ---so for my IB account I need something close. Buttontrader is to wild ---everything is upside down from what I am used to. :)
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  6. zxcv1fu


    which software do u mean it in " It will do chases and anything else you want it to."?


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    By the way I have to use IB entry today:(

    Bracket Trader disappeared when I want to do real trade.

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  10. ozzy



    I began simulation trading on ninja today. So far so good. Having looked at the other ones my intution tells me that this among the top 2.

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