what is the best e mini order execution front end for IB?

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    IB TWS execution changes, so is the 3rd party front end execution software.

    I use the free Bracket Trader with DOM usually. Today after I upgraded BT the program disappeared whenever I tried to trade with it. It was like hide & seek. I think I need to find a better solution NOW.

    So I am starting this fresh thread looking for the best solution for the IB emini trading execution frontend (unless IB comes with a good one first, I am surprised it has not yet since it is very easy to program.).

    Please post details for the software that you use & know including:

    1. the web site?
    2. free or fee/month?
    3. installation involves?
    4. what trading product?
    5. pro & con that u know, right or wrong that's ur opinion

    Let the developer add/correct the information. I will try my best to provide thread summary from time to time. There is Software review in Elite but not geared towards IB.

    Let me start with Bracket Trader that I use:

    1. http://www.bracket-trader.com/home.html

    2. free (can not turn off sounds & more limited function). or you can donate money which I can not find out how much it should be.

    3. has to check IB API version before download installation files

    4. I only use it for trading emini but have traded QM (oil future) before. It can be used for online future tradings. Do not know if it can be used in stock trading.

    5. It is easier than IB's TWS (I have not tried IB Book Trader yet) since it has the strategy configuration. Can not use DOM to place the bracket order for YM since it only cover 24 pt range (IB Book Trader has 40 pt range). The Add order botton can only add order at market. BT tends to be buggy for me since I switch between simu & real trades often ( to prevent me over trade). After upgraded today the program disappeared whenever I click LONG or SHORT or placed orders in DOM. I had to trade thru TWS directly, not a pretty sight:(
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    I am surprised with so many IB traders & there is no response in this thread so far. Any IB trader show somewhere that I am not awared of? Maybe we need a yearly conference in Las Vegas like Tradestation.
  3. I used Bracket Trader for quite awhile but I started having the exact same problem you describe, I am now using Buttontrader and I highly reccomend it. It runs $22 a month for the lite version and $49 for a more advanced version. If you're trading one instrument at a time all you need is lite. It is very easy to use. I havent made a single execution error since I started using it and that is saying something. buttontrader.com
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    Can open many DOM's at same time, very inexpensive and awefully good. $60 for 12 months.
  5. you have to f... nuts to daytrade eminis with ib.
  6. Why?
  7. I daytrade YM, NQ, and ES through IB. I'm on a lousy connection in the middle of nowhere, and my fills are lightning fast. Personally, I don't need a front end, but the one that seems most featured and powerful is Buttontrader.

    btw- I know a number of pro traders (ie. real people making real $$$ that use IB and have been happy for years).
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    Zeroline is the one to go with. You can try it for free for a month. You can use the sim for free forever. It is tip top. The best front end for IB.
  9. zl seems to be cheaper than ninjatrader but also seems clunkier and to have a reduced feature set (excluding spread trading option).

    I, like a lot of users, find ninja to be an excellent trading and sim platform (free sim as long as you want). For capability and ease of use its hard to beat.

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    I am a big TT fan. So I was happy to see so many options for IB. It is all personal taste type of thing. Zeroline does everything I need. Ninja does more. But it really depends on the features the trader needs. Ninja has way more stuff than I need. I find it to be no more clunkier than Ninja or any other. In fact, considering the major cost differantial between Ninja and Zeroline. Zeroline is a good deal IMO.

    Try them all and go with what works for you.
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