What is the best DOM out there and why?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by MotiveWave, Jan 10, 2019.

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    Which platform or tool has the best DOM? What are the specific features that make it the best? What are the advanced DOM features that are an absolute must?
  2. MarkBrown


    i will love this thread - i have used several and they all suck in different ways.

    i had a cnc machine that i mapped a xbox controller to and i was thinking of doing this for a dom. i would much rather use a game controller than a mouse or keyboard.


    1.) more than one bracket order type per symbol, like one for chop trading and one for trend.
    2.) reverse position - zero out existing direction and flip entire size opposite direction.
    3.) reverse position with additional size - so maybe your long 5 and you flip short 20.
    4.) double bracket orders for buying and selling above and below the market oco.
    5.) have to run will think of more.
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  3. MrMuppet


    Besides a few high level platforms that are no accessible to retail, there are only two DOM's that are even worth mentioning:

    1. TT
    2. CQG

    TT is more for the scalper, CQG is a very good spreading tool. All those retail platforms like NT, ATAS, Jigsaw etc. are just toys. They are very rich in features or have nice visualisation tools but their infrastructure is crap and they are way too slow to do anything related to auto spreading or even PIQ stuff.
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  4. MarkBrown


    i first used tt in 2005 and it was the bomb back then. i now use cqg and it is feature rich but quirky as all get out.

    i am wanting to try out tt again now that they have the adl programing capability. but that is a technical difficulty level all of it's own just to learn what it can and can't do all the while paying them big bucks for the attempt.
  5. Jack1960


    Simple in book trader
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    I am surprised you would even be interested in looking at it. If you can be program, why!?
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  8. MrMuppet


    TT is like 50$ now....really cheap. And ADL is a pseudo programing language that isn't more difficult to learn than python.
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    How important would you say it is to view your estimated position in queue?
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    Estimated? Can't speak for everyone, but if I needed it, I would not want estimated.
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