What is the best direct access software and broker for experienced traders?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by tm689, Feb 23, 2018.

  1. tm689


    Which brokers out there have fast executions as well as direct access with low platform fees?
  2. Robert Morse

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    US Listed Equities?
  3. JSOP


    On paper: Interactive Brokers

    In reality: ThinkorSwim by TD due to the various hidden fees by IB

    Good luck!
  4. Robert Morse

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    TD does not offer DMA for stocks. We do.

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  5. mbondy


    I'm no shill but lightspeed is good.
    In most cases, it costs me less than $3 to trade 1000 shares with IB.

    Lightspeed is good.
    A decent broker offering Takion software would also be comparable.
    Both are better in execution and fee structure than IB.
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  6. JSOP


    TD Ameritrade which is the broker that offers TOS would offer DMA, wouldn't it?
  7. JSOP


    HOW do you get charged less than $3 to trade 1000 shares? My commission is at least $10 and up.

    Options commission is even worse and I forgot to mention IB is NOT the lowest commission broker on Options. There are brokers that charge WAY less commissions on Options.
  8. Robert Morse

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    With Lightspeed, if you pay our base rate of $4.50/trade or $0.0045/share and you trade 1000 shares, the commissions is $4.50. If you add liquidity on NASDAQ, you get paid $0.002 per share or $2.00/1000. That would cost you $2.50 for the 1000 shares not including the regulatory fees. The best case would be with the per trade rate and 10,000 shares and adding liquidity, $4.50 commissions and a rebate of $20. You would get paid $15.50 not including the regulatory fees.

  9. JSOP


    Are you available in Canada? If not, we are stuck with IB or TD if we are tired of the hidden fees.
  10. Robert Morse

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    No sir. Not registered in Canada.
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