What is the best deal for an almost zerorisk investment ?

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    What is the best yearly return one could achieve with (almost) zero risk assets ?

    For example does any country offers high interest rates on cash,bonds,Tbill, whatever and at the same time allows to open an account using your home currency (to avoid exchange risk) ?

    What are also the best deals with "capital preservation" clause (the kind of deals "if it goes up you have some return, if is goes down you lose nothing but the outrageous fees") ? :D

    And the last question for practical purpose : what is the best deal in euro currency ? :)
  2. The best deal is probably wiring a few mill to the best fund managers in the U.S. Cohen or Simons to start.

    It does however sound like your trying to borrow money to do whatever it is you intend to do seeing your risk aversion...
  3. arbitration
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    Arbitration with FX or Commodities?...would you mind to elaborate :)
  5. I can make 5% per month with FX. (I reached my goal early this month, so I just trade a little, until the new month arrives)
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    Well of course if you show me a way to earn (with no risk) more than the interests and fees paid to borrow the money , I'll try to borrow even billions if I can ... :D

    But my first intention was simply to find anything better than Tbonds or "retirement plan" :)
  7. Take your time...no need to borrow. Instead of being a millionaire this year, you will be one next year :)

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  9. Monitor the Fair Value of the S&P futures. When it gets severely out of whack (you get to define "severely") buy the SPY and short the futures, or vice versa. When it gets back to Fair Value, unwind the trade.

    Rinse and repeat.

    No charge for the advice. Your mileage may vary. Objects in mirror are larger than they appear. Consult your doctor before taking Cialis. Not approved for civilian use without license. Use only under adult supervision. Light fuse, get away, do not hold in hand.
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