What is the best country to leave the US for?

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    What in the world are you babbling about,,< WTF????,lol,,,,,

    Wait,, you are a pacifist and dont like the U.S., but you want to go to another country a buy a semi-automatic weapon??!!?!?!,,,, WTF?

    And you are getting a grad degree, man,, I think my job security is getting better and better, if this is what is graduating soon..

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  2. fatrat


    If you cannot protect your life/property from the state or malicious agents overlooked by the state, then you have no freedom at all. At best, you have temporary peace in times of economic stability. This is why the 2nd amendment in the US is so important.

    One of the biggest reasons for wanting to leave the US is so I can find a place where the state doesn't want to intrude on my right to self-defense.

    True freedom means being able to protect your life and property in times of crisis. All other times really don't matter.

    Other things I'd like to see:

    - Legalized drugs
    - Legalized prostitution
    - Little to no taxes
    - No central bank, commodity backed currencies
    - No pegs to the dollar
    - No housing bubbles
    - Lack of inflation
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    This certainly is an interesting thread. Taxes, nazis, the second amendment...

    As somebody already said, your idea of eutopia doesn't exist. In fact I cannot think of a single country that comes remotely close.

    - Legalized drugs
    If you're thinking of anything harder than marijuana, I don't believe this exists.

    - No central bank, commodity backed currencies
    This no longer exists anywhere in the world.

    Concerning guns - I'm not an anti-gun guy, but when people start looking for semi-automatic weapons it makes me a little worried. I can understand wanting to have a handgun while living in New York, but I cannot think of any situation in the world that would require you to have a semi-automatic rifle while living in a little house on the beach in Brazil.
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    Why not?

    Guns are just like trading. You want an edge. If it comes down to a conflict versus the government, and they have automatic weapons and you don't, then who wins on average? The governments of the world rarely serve the people. They are all mostly for selfish special interests.

    In times of chaos, the special interests exert their demands over you through force. In the US, the IRS is the agent with guns that enforces and aids in financing the tyranny of the Bush Administration.

    These campaigns against private gun-ownership are just campaigns for consolidating the power of the global elite, for whom most militaries serve. I have a tough time believing, for example, that military and police campaigns sponsored by GWB are for my interest more so than say Halliburton or hardline zionist-neo-conservatives like Podhoretz.

    Fear of guns is understandable and is warranted. On the flip side, guns are the only true equalizer that enable the small guy to defend his rights. The best protection does not come from the state. The best protection is the individual acting in his own interests.
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    What strikes me as strange is that you want a gun to protect yourself against the government. Most people want guns to protect themselves against thieves/intruders.

    If the CIA decides to assassinate you, I'm sorry but a machine gun isn't going to make any difference. If you're talking about a massive citizen uprising against the government, it still wont make a difference. 100 million americans armed with machine guns vs a (relatively) small military armed with tanks, planes, and nuclear bombs? Our guns might be big, but theirs are bigger. I don't like the odds.

    I'm definitely opposed to the banning of firearms, but the line needs to be drawn somewhere and for me the line is drawn at handguns.

    I'm going home now, maybe I'll check the board later. Even if I don't agree with everything you say, you have interesting ideas and don't resort to wild punctuation and the caps lock, so I enjoy reading what you think.
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  6. I am sure FBI is scared of you and your gun LOL
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    Holy Crap! Your like if Michael Moore, David Koresh, and Jim Jones had a baby. If you have roomies at university, somebody's got to warn them to steer clear of the cool-aid. Yikes.

    I think it may be to late for you brother. Your going to come up on really hard emotional times soon...
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  10. Try again, the US exchanges tax info with just about every first world country and vice versa. If you trade under LLC that has a foreign domicile and live in a different foreign country you could probably pull it off. This top has been discussed many times. He needs to use the search thread.

    You can get around the 10 year ban on tax after renouncing citizenship by just selling all you have and moving all of your funds to an offshore bank and then what's the IRS going to come after, there will be zip! Just make sure it a country that doesn't honor judgements for tax fraud cases otherwise they will cooperate with the US let the US take your money.

    The OP should consider signing up for sovereign society dot com or escape artist dot com as they cater to expats.
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