What is the best country to leave the US for?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by fatrat, Oct 25, 2007.

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    Miss Fatrat,, you are a total schmuck, wussbag.. ,, just like when you moved from once section of the lunchroom to another,IT WONT HELP YOU,, , you will still get pissed on and have your milk poured on you.. Total f---- pussbag.

    U.S. may/may not go into a recession and yes, times are tough, but we just had a 6 year bull market, and a 5 year housing bull market. But times are getting bit tough now,, so you want to leave..?!?

    They are cycles you douchebag, just like recession 1999-2000, 1990-1991 etcc.. doesnt matter who is in office.

    You are here when things are good, and they turn a bit sour and you want to leave for "better" things,,,, you should leave , get on your raft and get the fuck out... p.s. a tip for you , little complaining bitchess like you are not liked anywhere in this world,, so be forewarned.

    Instead of being a patriot through thick or thin,, you want to leave at the first sign of trouble. If that is the case we honestly dont need you,, stay in San Fran or go to N. Korea or China,, ,,,

    happy trails sissy boy..

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    Prevail Guest

    please take all of your likeminded friends with you as well.

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  3. fatrat


    You probably would have said the same thing to the Jews who tried to leave Germany before the holocaust.

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    What the rules are and what is enforced is two different things. If you get out of the US before making much annually and before having much net worth, they aren't likely to follow up... currently if you are small potatoes in the US they turn old tax bills over to collection agencies and if the amount is not big enough to pay for an attorney to go after you all they are likely to do is call you on the phone all the time...
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    That is some classical ET funny stuff if ever there was any!! LOL
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    Miss Fatrat, I know a perfect place for you, Nauru.
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    That was one of the most ignorant things I have ever read. Get your self into a history class. Get some perspective. You are trying to get a masters degree. Either you have the money or are able to borrow the money to pay for that. Your work study job or stipend is more than many yearly incomes in the places you might want to flee to. Everyone in this country is not always as tolerant as I would like them to be, but I have been to many other countries where races are so much more separated than in the USA. Get a grip! If not. Please, please, please, leave the country before you start having kids. I would not want mine in class with your narrow minded offspring.

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  8. jamaica is the best place to go .

    Good weed
    Men are still respected ( you are allowed to smack your wife )
    No problem having a 18yold girlfriend
    1$us = $70 ja
    Did i mention the good weed .

    Sorry i got to go my wife is bitching at me to vacumm and clean the bathroom. I live in the USA
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    Quote from fatrat:

    You probably would have said the same thing to the Jews who tried to leave Germany before the holocaust.

    Miss Fatrat,,,, your a complete moron as well as a wussbag. And your quote above sums it all up. If you can connect my message: that you wont be happy anywhere and have no love for this country with the Holocaust,,,, then I got some swamp land to sell you,, .

    go back to school first and be thankfull for what we have here, this is till the best country in the World, by far.

    We hit some rough seas in this country and all of a sudden almost every other country in the World would be better to live in than the U.S.,?!?!?!, , just leave now,, dont ask for opinions,, just go.
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  10. rwk


    This is an interesting idea, and one that I have been contemplating. But I don't think it is as simple as it sounds. The IRS considers trading gains as miscellaneous unearned income. (That unearned part sounds kind of cheeky, as though it is somehow undeserved.:p ) That means we need to use some kind of entity (e.g. corporation) to convert gains to salary. That entails extra cost and paperwork, and runs the risk, however small, of the whole thing being disallowed. Then we need to be careful that the corporation doesn't end up owing taxes.

    I have been thinking about ways to pair the earned income exclusion with living abroad as a migrant. Most countries will allow me to stay 6 months without a visa. I am thinking about spending winters in the south and summers in the north (e.g. Canada and Mexico, or Britain and Spain). The catch is all that moving.

    Unfortunately I do not have a very large budge for tax & legal advice.

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