What is the best country to leave the US for?

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    If you're a small fish, honor system. You self-report.
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  3. Only at weekends....:cool:
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  4. There are lots of countries. The choice of "best country" depends on you.

    What is the best musical instrument?

    <img src=http://johnsonmusiccenter.com/bandinst.jpg \img>

    Today I choose drums.
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    The IRS is slavery.

    I'm voting for Ron Paul in 2008. If he doesn't get elected, Other Country here I come.
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    1.You can not meet all objective together

    2. "Quality of life in France is non comparable with quality of life
    in USA" -Rene Fleming ,USA native sopranistin ,today
    resident of France .

    Ok, so I contemplated Canada already (see my other thread.) But if -you- could drop it all and leave and go elsewhere, where would you go?

    I am very unsatisfied with the US government and do not want to stay here, start a family here, or give so much as one more dollar to the IRS. I want to leave, right after I finish my master's degree.

    Ideally, the new place is:

    - Politically stable
    - Safe
    - Universities will be easy to go to and learn
    - Easy to make some money in
    - Very low immigration hassles
    - Friendly to non-whites
    - People know English there, or the language is easy to learn

    And finally:

    - Likely to survive world war 4 and nuclear winds, since I think Bush will kick off the worst war in the history of the world
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    That is because immigrants can't get jobs in France and actively burn down the French cities and towns.

    In the US, the immigrants just march on the streets and demand citizenship in exchange for cleaning toilets.

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  8. The above is spoken by a truly ignorant tosser who has never been or experienced another less affluent culture.

    Fat prat take Australia off your list of countries we have enough small minded bigots here already. Your disappointed with the US they should be disappointed with you and your attitude.
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  9. A general piece of advice: There are many "good" countries for traders.

    1. One third of them is nice (Bahamas, Bermuda, BVI, Monte Carlo, Channel Islands etc.) and you don't pay taxes, but you get raped on living expenses. Real estate prices are soaring because many tax refugees rather pay $15m for a little beach front house in Bermuda than hand over $15m to the IRS in taxes.

    2. Another third of them you don't pay taxes but the countries are not first class. I would put Panama, Costa Rica, Thailand etc. in this bucket. Low/no taxes, but lower standard of living and high quality services and products are a lot harder to come by. Also crime rates tend to be higher in these type of countries.

    3. The last third is countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong. You pay taxes, but living expenses are similar to most western countries just you can enjoy a better climate in many of them and feel more secure since crime rates in these are way lower than in South America.
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  10. Hate to tell you...euthopia does not exist. For starters, I understand your concerns. The recent economic and policy decisions that the US has made will take many years (or decades) to correct.

    Here's some simple solutions for a very simple problem:

    Don't like NY?? Move to another city. No need to live like the unibomber.

    Don't trust the dollar's value?? Just short it. Or buy Euros.

    Don't agree with the direction of the govt? What makes you think that another country's political environment will follow all of your personal beliefs? There will always be differences, most of which you will disagree with to a significant degree. Also, there is nothing that guarantees that a country's current political environment will stay status-quo. Things change overnight at times.

    Don't want to pay the IRS...stop making money. You will always pay taxes. Every country has them. Some more than others. But in the end, you will always pay some sort of tax for something that you believe is unnecessary. It'll just be to a different agency.

    There is nothing wrong with wanting to live in a foreign country. In fact, doing so will enlighten you. But your reasons for doing so may lead you to failure. Every country has its pros and cons. You will inevitably experience other issues in a foreign country. It's how you deal with them that will make the transition an enjoyable one.

    I'm telling you this not to discourage you, but rather so that you understand that the problems will not go away by simply changing your address.
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