What is the best country to leave the US for?

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  1. But but, the asset owners needs assets to hold. The baby boomers are positioning themselves. Income for the establishment, taxes for younger people. Im not from the US just observing.
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  2. that is too simplistic in this brave new global world.

    What is claimed as TNW comprises interlinked debt, carefully tucked beneath the surface.
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  3. I'm loading up the wagon and moving the clan to Pakistan.
    I want to buy either a 7-Eleven or a Dunking-Donuts. I'm sure my South Side Chicago accent will be a big hit there.

    Maybe buy a Dry Cleaners in Hong Kong.

    think about it.
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  5. Meiguoren


    Costa Rica is very overrated.

    Much cheaper and nicer places in both Central and South America.

    If I was going to relocate to C. America, Id choose Panama before C.R.
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  6. bathrobe


    The UK has an excellent quality of life however it is very expensive, I would like to live there someday
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  7. ssss



    The UK has an excellent quality of life however it is very expensive, I would like to live there someday

    Do you mean single malt whiskey better as cognac ?

    Together with Mr.Chrurchill,which before war performed
    holiday in S.France and Rene Fleming (USA native soprano,today in France) think not ...

    France is better and cheaper ...

    London with record price 100000$ per quadrat metr
    is more propaganded from persons which used LSE
    (this have not restrictive conditions in comparsion with NYSE)
    for IPO of they's companies from another countries

    They are from different countries owner of MT from India ,most
    wealthy from Russia jews are ,which knew that jews expansion after French revolution started in London (Dizraeli first premjer and Karl Marx lived in London)

    but it is not suggest that London have quality of life

    60% of population in London have overweight as in NY ,Moscow
    Berlin but not Paris (15%)
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  8. just21


    400,000 a year are leaving the UK. It is just about bearable if you do not have to rely on the state for anything and the weather is awful.
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  9. zdreg


    exactly. the skilled middle class is leaving. they are selling their overpriced homes. it creates a nice nest egg. they then buy a cheaper home in australia, canada or US and have a nice bit of money left over.

    quality of life is nothing to brag about in the UK.
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  10. ever think about Hawaii?

    It's pretty tropical and you can still get a good connection for trading. I hear they use the US dollar, but it's pretty expensive.

    otherwise i say go to thailand, the stories of AIDS are way exaggerated...for a few hundred you can get all the ladies you need.
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