What is the best chart software for emini

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bluegreen, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. What is the best charting software for trading the emini only.
    For ONLY trading the emini. I know there are good software charts out there, but they have too many bells and whistles for stock and ETF trading that are not needed when trading the emini's. So is there any charting software that speacialized in Emini trading ONLY?
  2. Although you're about to get a bunch of replies you need to provide extra info like tick/volume/time/range and what broker and what indicators etc etc etc

    As a futures daytrader with ib as my broker who likes a lot of charting options I find Sierra Chart to be very good. But you might need less than that.
  3. Futures traders often use more bells and whistles than any other traders and the emini is just a trading instrument that is ready for as much or as little analysis as you want to apply. Don't think it's a less sophisticated trading vehicle - it's a lot faster than stocks so you better be up to the mark or you'll be taken to the cleaners and quickly too. With EOD you have a standard format ie daily bars, but emini starts with tick, time, range or volume and then there's the event horizon ie do you want sub 1 minute or much longer. So before you even add an indicator you are faced with many display options. Then the standard indicator set-ups usually need a great amount of tweeking to react fast enough. If you want you can keep it very simple - but don't be surprised that you end up as breakfast for hot traders. I suggest you spend some time in a simulator asap.
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    As far as I know there is no dedicated charting package for eminis, I recommend Quotetracker with IQ Feed.