what is the best book to buy to learn about trading

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  1. technical analysis and fundamental? What books are usually studied in the process of obtaining a license?
  2. I would say its Derrick Hobbs. "Fun with Fibonacciis"
    Derrick Hobbs is probably the best trader alive today. He is available now on EliteTrader to speak with if you have questions. He is commonly seen at TradingMarkets where he takes time out of his busy trading day sells material to many people for only 300 bucks per lesson and he has an awesome letter that I personally subscribe to that only costs 150 per month. I wouldnt think of trading without it. This is not a plug in anyway for Derrick Hobbs..but I would go out and buy this book immediatly before it sells out!
  3. high probability trading

    by marcel link
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    1. In preparation for a license, you will learn approximately zero about trading the market.
    2. Recommend, "The Disciplined Trader", by Mark Douglas.
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    Followed by Trading In The Zone, same author.
  6. You mention learning technical analysis.

    I would suggest you start with this website.


    IMO fundamentals are for investors not traders.

    I used to be one and used fundamentals a ton.

    Overtime as I have become more and more profitable my timeframe has shortened to that of a trader. Now I don't even care about the fundamentals.

    Study the above web site. Learn chart patterns, money management, especially your own risk tolerance (by trial and error).

    Sorry wrong site I will correct. Link is correct now. Sorry.

    Good Luck
  7. I recommend 1/3 of a book.

    The first 75 or so pages of this book are phenomenal if your just starting out because they setup the trading paradigm better than just about anything else I have read....unfortunately the last 2/3's of the book are near worthless.

    You can always knock out the first few chapters at a bookstore over an espresso though.



    (note the pages I recommend reading have nothing really to do with the books title).

    Also you might do a search....there are a couple of similar threads to this one from a while back.
  8. Street Smarts. This one book is all you need. There is something in there for everyone.
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    "Trading for a Living", by Alexander Elder
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