What is the best book on technical analysis?

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I am looking to learn more about techincal analysis.

    What are the best books, websites, video/dvds, or webinars out there?

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    start with the basic, magee / edwards - technical analysis book. that will give you the very basic stuff.

    i'd then suggest reading darvas' book (how i made 2 million) and stan weinstein (profit in bull/bear markets).

    when you've read those, *then* you can start going on to other stuff. darvas and weinstein aren't t.a. so much, but incorporate very basic principles in aneasy-to-read fashion.
  3. Good suggestion.

    Weinstien's book is a must, IMHO.
  4. Is there any way to get this article?
  5. Greetings --

    If I may make a slightly immodest reply --

    I am the author of Quantitative Trading Systems, a book describing practical methods for the design, testing, and validation of trading systems.

    The focus of the book is the quantitative area of technical analysis -- trading systems that can be expressed as formulas and tested without subjective judgment.

    In the testimonials, you will find comments from several main stream authors, including David Aronson, who likes the book.

    You can also find articles by me in the October and November 2007, and January 2008, issues of Active Trader.

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  7. None. Avoid TA and you will cut a lot of time chasing your tail.
  8. None.

    The best way to approach TA is by osberving the market a long time and then develop you own framework.
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    Agree w/ess1096, start w/a primer. Murphy, Edwards and Magee, Weinstein, all good, should be at your library or you can probably pick them up used.

    Then you have to decide what "TA" is to you. The term covers a broad spectrum. I'd advise keeping to the basics, understanding price action first.

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