What is Swing Trading?

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    I hear "Swing Trading" referenced quite a bit and am curious what this means to people that use it. For those into swing trading, here are a few questions:

    1) What does "Swing Trading" mean to you?

    2) What time frames do you use (ie monthly, daily, hourly, minutes, ticks etc)

    3) How much historical data (how far back) are you analyzing for making your entry decisions?

    4) How long are your hold times?

    Thanks for sharing your perspective and insights.
  2. Learn to use google

    step 1. open www.google.com
    step 2. type: 'define:swing trading'
  3. Quite arrogant for someone who can't read. Funny how you think that there must be only one definition. Welcome to the google gen!

    If you read his post again he clearly was asking about OUR definition of swing trading.
  4. so try to search: site:elitetrader.com swing trading
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    Its amazing how anti-social people can be on discussion forums, lol.

    yes, but depending on how you look at it, everything could be considered a swing to some degree or another. Do people bet on something reversing, get in on something after they think its reversed, etc.

    Thanks for the feedback.
  7. Swing trading just means you hold a stock for more than one day, but usually a few weeks to take advantage of a stocks trend, and then ride the other side on the way down.

    I hold some for a few days, but I try and find something I can stick with for at least a month. I use mostly daily charts, but I'll use a weekly chart especially for stocks that more choppy, and its hard to read price on a daily.
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    I thought that was called momentum trading.
  9. Swing trading is when you swap markets. Consensually, of course.
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