What is success?

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  1. How would you guys define success? Do you feel successful in your life? If you are old enough today, could you say that you are today where you thought you would be 10, 20, 30 years ago?

    Is success a lot of money or just happiness? Is success raising a family and seeing your kids grow up?

    Would you define success today the same as when you were in your mid 20's (for the older people).

    I am curious about how other people define "success."
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    I recall, just before the graduation ceremony from high school, a friend asked me "so what are you doing after graduation?" and I replied. "oh.. probably try to score some beer". I'm here to tell you all that I scored that frigging beer!! And I went on to a whole bunch of other stuff too but I am still not satisfied with my level of achievement, and neither are the people I work for.

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    while this may not be the meaning of success it is by far the happiest thing that has happened to my life....nothing beats ur lil boy waking you up in the morning......

    something to think about aphie in your quest for Success/happiness:

    "What a wonderful life I've had! I only wish I'd realized sooner." - Colette
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    Early in my career I regularly attended the weekly colloquium at Fermilab. Nobel prize winners (past and future) were regular speakers and I was able to meet and talk with most of them. Technical people are an odd lot and the goal of most of the students was to stump the speakers. On one of the occasions 8(7?) year old nobel prize winning physicist I. Raby was asked a a common question: What is your greatest achievment. His answer "my family". The questioner persisted and asked "no I mean what is your greatest professional accomplishment. Raby went on to explain that his family was always far more important than his work or the Nobel. That response by the oldest Nobel laureate I have had the pleasure to talk with left a lasting impression. ....
  5. Success is not caring what others define success as.

  6. I agree with you. However, I have noticed as I've gotten older than a lot of people are constantly judging other people on their success level by the type of car they drive, the house they live in, the people they know, etc. Although I don't feel that way, I have always been curious as to why our society places so much emphasis on material items as a measure of self worth.

    It seems like everyone my age places so much emphasis on career, cars, job, house, money, clothes, etc, while people a decade or two older place a lot more emphasis on family, kids, etc.

    The running theme seems to be that once you have kids, your priorities change.

    I'm no different, since my first post on ET was the infamous "5k to 1m in 18 months" one. However, after moving and taking on other responsibilities, I have mellowed a lot since that time.

    Gordon Gekko is my age and places a lot of emphasis on being a "successful" trader. Naturally, if you become one, you write your own checks (if you are that good). Well, I traded for awhile and realized that I was pissing money away because I was too immature and undisciplined at the time to trade the right way. I don't look at it as a failure but as a lesson.

    Whatever you do in life you had better prepare beforehand and take the time and energy to do it right. I feel that our fast-paced society sends subliminal messages to people that success is something you can just whip up overnight. Take for example all the "get rich quick" schemes. A lot of people play into them with the expectations that success is something that may not require a lot of homework and sweat before the fruits of your labor become evident.

    Well, to sum it up, there was a line from the matrix that said it best. "There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path." So in respect to being successful at say trading, one would seriously have to spend a large amount of time seriously backtesting and researching models before they had a chance at being successful. And even then, the "fast-food give it to me now" mentality that is so prevalent today will keep a lot of people from achieving what they want because many people are willing to flip a switch yet few are willing to wire it correctly in the first place.
  7. I am a retired flight dynamicist. During my career, I published about 50 technical reports, eight journal articles and hold 5 U.S. Patents. I solved two world class problems in flight mechanics. I was the designer of two air launched missiles and assisted in the design of 16 other missiles, aircraft and projectiles.

    Eventually, they began to teach my stuff at, at least, two prestigious universities that I know of, but I wasn't happy because I worked for the Department of Defense and I hated it.

    One day, a newbie engineer who had just graduated from one of these schools sought me out and introduced himself and the first question he asked me was, "what was my greatest accomplishment". I replied, "raising and educating two children". I never will forget that day because of the look on his face. He was incredulous.

    I feel like a success because I raised two great kids, kept my marriage together with a wonderful woman for 44 years this October and retired at 50 which was 19 years ago.

    Mahatma Gandhi said, "In this world there is enough for the necessities of every one but not enough for the greed of even one man".

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    Being successful and making lots of Mula $$$$ isnt the same in my book...and you are inccorrect in stating that making money needs you to work hard ........ you may work hard all your life and prepare all you want and make no more money than the guy who didnt work hard.....trust me i used to see 19 -20 year old kids make 50-100k a month...working 30 hours a week saying the same canned pitch over and over and over and over........but working hard and being prepared is better than not.....peace
  10. As opposed to say bashing our current administration?

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