What is so bad about this?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by WallStGolfer31, Apr 27, 2006.

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    The XOM CEO is getting a package of $400 mil, but look at XOM, it has almost $29 Billion (Million Million for you Brits :) ) cash on hand.

    That's less than 0.14% of what they have right now! This ISN'T shortchanging shareholders. Relative over Absolute, Please.

    Not to mention the man has put in 40 years of service with the company!
  2. Um, actually, 400 Million is 1.4% of 29 Billion, if you're saying XOM has 29 billion US dollars on hand, which I take it you are given your use of the $ sign...

    If they had 29 million million, that would be 29 trillion US dollars.
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    Forgive me, Looks like I didn't review my math (or my British vocab for that matter)

    I'd just like to know peoples reasons against it (as it appears many people are). Most of what I have seen on here is arguing back and forth. I'd just like to hear the reasons straight up, why does this anger you specifically?

    Sorry for the confusion!
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    Wait, I think I might be correct in my first post!

    "The word "billion" and its equivalents in other languages refer to either one million million or one thousand million, depending on whether the writer is using the long scale or the short scale."

    "As a result, a minority of Italian and French scientists began using the word "billion" to mean 109 (one thousand million, or 1 000 000 000), and correspondingly redefined trillion and higher numbers to mean powers of one thousand rather than one million. This is known in French as the échelle courte ("short scale") and is now generally used by most English-speaking countries, as well as Brazil, Turkey and Greece. In Puerto Rico it must be specified."

    My calculation was still off though, it is roughly 1.4%, still justified for the man, in my opinion.
  5. Hey, no need to apologize...

    As for the issue, it doesn't bother me as I'm not a shareholder.

    I just wanted to point out it's 1.4%, not .14.