What is snake oil?

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  1. What does the phrase "snake oil" mean? Bright's firm talks about it on his website.
  2. It's for joint pain :D

  3. Choad


  4. The holy grail is snake oil. People offering to share the secret of the holy grail with you are referred to as snake oil salesmen.
  5. snake Oil goes like this:

    For the next two weeks we are offering our system that produces incredible results for$52,542.01

    Below are some testomonial that we paid for:

    This system has transformed my life! I believe, I have added two years to my life expectancy... Jim from Oregon

    I have found God....Peter from an Island

    I would like to thank the inventors of this marvelous system. Sex is so much better with my Husband Now.... Joyce from Boise

    We accept E-Gold, E-bullion or Paypal.
  6. Bright and Snake in the same sentence. Get out of here, it can't be.
  7. =============

    Good fellow;

    Even though king snakes are considered beneficial,because they eat other snakes!!!!!;
    the idea of a snakesalesman is snake =tricky , evil,poisonous, something to be avoided.:cool:
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    you forgot to add 'even my dog is happier now'
  9. HeHe :) (you actually read the satire)

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