What is Similiar to HAMMER?

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  1. Of all the platforms I've used (about 4) I found Hammer to be the most effective execution platform overall. Is there a model platform that Hammer emulates? What other platform is similar in feel, look, operation.

  2. Most people who've used both (not me, this is hearsay) claim that IB's TWS has similar functionality, stability, and speed.
  3. The Anvil is very similar. Made by the same guys that made the hammer I think. Could be wrong though.
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    I have traded 6 or 7 platforms, and there is nothing like Hammer. Too many other systems try to think too much for you. Hammer is a more plain application that is designed for speed, and I don't know about you, but speed is key. It is not as good looking as GR8trade, but it is more stable.

    Stick with it if you are a pro, and trade more than 20K shares a day. Not as many bells and whisltles, but reliability and speed rank high with me.

  5. Blackwood just like it...same guys made it
  6. Thanks, really appreciate the input.


  7. are they still around? I thought they closed up over a year ago??? isn;t the hammer essentially another version of the watcher???
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    Checkout Platinum, very similar but also has charting and internet capablility without a vpn.
  9. We have several former "Hammer" traders now using our platform "Radical" the reason they choose Redwood was because of our platform.

    (not my words theirs).

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  10. Hans,

    Do you mean the Tradease Platinum platform?
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