What is SHE doin with Shrek?

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    Billions of $$$.

    I don't think she cares what you think.
  2. Libertarians come in four flavors:

    1 - Former Southern Dixiecrats who discovered in it a nice stalking horse for their usual obsessions. Further comment on this would be, I hope, superfluous.

    2 - Corporate hucksters who discovered in it a nice stalking horse for their pursuit of profit at any cost, while taking as much from the government as they can, natch: the Kochs aren't alone. They're just more aggressive about it.

    3 - Republicans who think calling themselves libs somehow makes them purer and absolves them of any guilt for the bottomless stupidity of the Dubya Admin.

    4 - Sincere folks who are willing to overlook these blemishes to get their ideology out front and center; Ron Paul, for whom I have a large soft spot, is in this group. Ironically, Paul is entirely upfront about being a Republican, having figured out (this wouldn't take much intellectual firepower, but it does take honesty, which is in short supply everywhere) that that party really is the one that could become the advocate for his beliefs, if he can just steer it in the right (pun intended) direction.

    The fourth group is a tiny minority, of course. The rest are useless, to themselves and to this republic.
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    What about Randroids?
  4. Are those fans of Rand, the boy wonder?
    What about 'em? Would they be any different?
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    LOL never heard that one before.... atleast its creative.