what is seggregated positions in IB?

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    I see this on my monthly statement. what does it mean?

    the help provided states the following. But i dont understand what it really means..,
    Segregated Settled Stock Positions
    This section displays the segregated quantity for long stock positions. This section only appears in monthly statements for IB-CA accounts.

    Column Description
    Symbol The symbol of the stock position.
    Description The description of the stock.
    Segregated Position The segregated position quantity.
  2. A segregated position would be stock held in the members name under a segregated client account. The Canadian regulator must require reporting the positions as segregated on the statements. In other words, they require reporting and confirmation of client positions as segregated from the house or proprietary accounts of your broker/bank. (This is my hopefully educated guess)
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    Client assets are segregated from firm assets as a matter of regulation. The Canadian regulations also require that the broker further designate client positions that are fully-paid and not subject to any encumbrance as a result of a margin loan or participation in our Stock Yield Enhancement Program.
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    What use is this information to the regulators?
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    The disclosure is presumably for the benefit of the clients. Regulators have other means to access this information, if necessary.
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    good choice of words.