What is safe?

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  1. So what is safe in this market? Agriculture and the commodities stocks have shown today that they are no longer a safe haven. MO, KO, and all the normal recession stocks suck. There are a bunch of problems with the pharmas and drug stocks such as patent issues. Financials are a complete joke. Tech isn't worth jumping into, all it takes is a bad earnings report and they all fall 4%+.

    Treasuries aren't worth the paper they are printed on with those low yields. Currencies are not stable. World markets are doing worse than we are. Money markets are earning less than inflation.

    Have any ideas?
  2. Cash
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  4. See inflation numbers :D
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    Managing other peoples money.
  6. Cash is a zero coupon perpetual bond, not a good long term investment.
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  8. I'm buying prostitution rings. They are economically sound under all market conditions.
  9. when the economy goes sour for a while, invest in anything that people can use to change their mood or defend themselves : drugs, alcohol, narcotics, booze, sex, weapons, etc
  10. Treasuries are SAFE.
    But you obviously asked the wrong question because you then "dismiss" the SAFETY of such financial instruments saying that they do not return great enough yield.

    In times like these, SAFETY costs yield.
    Nothing surprising at all about that.
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