What is required to file for Mark-To-Market with the IRS?

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  1. How do I go about switching to Mark-To-Market with the IRS?
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    Forget the hassles.
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  4. Let me ask it a different way.

    For someone who has filed for Mark-To-Market, how did you do it?
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    You're going to need the advise of an accountant. You also might need to create an entity like an LLC.

    To elect Section 475 MTM, follow this two-step procedure:

    1. File an election statement on time. The MTM election statement is one simple paragraph; unfortunately the IRS hasn’t created a tax form for it.

    2. Existing taxpayers finish their MTM election by filing a Form 3115 (change of accounting method) with their current-year tax return. A 2011 MTM election filed by April 15, 2011 is reported on a 2011 Form 3115 filed in 2012 with your 2011 tax returns. New taxpayers adopt Section 475 from the outset; they aren’t changing their accounting method so they don’t have to file a Form 3115.
  6. are there any individuals on the board here that have filed mark-to-market just with their own name?

    if so, how did you file it?
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    if you read about it-it's not recommended for individuals. easy to get into,no so if you done.


    plenty of info about it. here and on web. read very carefully. imo-not worth the hassle,unless you making serious money daytrading.
    last year my gross proceeds are >100M. and i still not convinced that i needed it.
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