What is really happening in Haiti...

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    Must Read article.

    Main points:

    1) The Colombians had no escape plan, because they aren't the assassins.

    2) Video (and witnesses) show the Colombians arriving at Moise's residence about an hour after he had been assassinated. They state they were hired to protect the President but arrived late to the residence and hid when it became clear they were being blamed.

    3) Not a single member of Moise's security team was injured or killed during the assassination. They appear to have simply left their posts.
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    One suspect linked to the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse had been a confidential source for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, a DEA official told Fox News.
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  4. Maybe it was another Noriega..... government operative goes bad so we take him out
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    My Op was wrong... the columbians have been shown to be part of the assassination team.

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    Nobody in ColOmbia has made mention of them not being Colombian ex-military mercs.
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    Yeah I was thrown by their total lack of a coherent escape strategy. Turns out Haitians can spot non-Haitians pretty easily.

    If I was a washed-up Colombian commando negotiating to join a hit team I guess my first question would be, what is the plan for escape? These guys mostly ended up on foot in the middle of large towns, not even a break for the jungle or the DR border. Wtf?

    There were hours of confusion before any kind of search took place. Why didn't they take vehicles straight to stashed boats or something? Its crazy shit.

    I think these guys got bamboozled with talk of them being employed by the "new government" and stuck around thinking the population would be grateful. Its like they didn't plan to leave at all and just went back to their hotels lol.
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    The thing is they were trained by American military so a fuck up was basically inevitable.

    Eighteen were arrested, three were killed and five escaped. I expect the five escaped were the core guys who succeeded in their mission and the rest thinking they were there for months working on a security job we're just to create mayhem.